All About Me
My name is Miao, luckiest cool cat. Welcome to my home (world). Within this site you will fine a treasure chest chock full of me and a selection of stuff (all of which you need) for sale, maybe even that needle in a haystack.

Through the course of time you will see me decorated in many different styles as I am also an artist muse and have fickle tastes. I will share my adventures with you as I travel, see and do stuff. So please visit me often and see what I am up to. You do not want to miss a single moment of my exciting life. I truly exist, I swear on the life of my MAC.

In the meantime let me introduce to you my staff and family

Zakka who is the chief head case, um I mean head creative, who sometime resides in this world and other times not.  A collector, toys in particular, everything else in general.  Zakka is a little to the left of cute and sits right alongside the bizarre.

RaeRae, rascal little devil who has a nose for talent and business and trouble.  Oh yeah, when not causing mayhem creates beautiful images professionally, from food to people.  Need a pic?

Last but not in the least, my little friend Mousubi who silently accompanies me on all of my adventures who at times serves as a little snack in times of hunger.  Like me he also likes to change his looks from time to time.

It will be our pleasure to help you spend your time, your money and in general brighten up your days and nights.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to blog me or become my friend on myspace.


ps if any corporation wants me as their mascot, inquire for details, it is a fun and easy thing to do.  Use me, I like to be seen, I take directions well and dress appropriately for any business or occasion, plus I bring good luck & fortune (just depends on which one of my arms is raised). It is in my gene pool, please google the history of my family under Maneki Neko. Miao