Custom/DIY artists for Miao and Mousubi
AWK OSTBY hails from the dangerous, fish-infested harpoon-happy slums of Oslo, Norway.  Deprived of the most basic filmed entertainment, he fled to the United States by way of India, Malaysia and Singapore, in the late eighties.
After 'studying' in Boston, Mr. Ostby was extradited to New York, where he met co-writer and fellow conspirateur, Mark Fergus.  They have since collaborated on numerous screenplays, including: First Snow, Children of Men and Iron Man.
In 2008, Mr. Ostby did not win the Pulitzer Prize, and was not recognized by the Nobel Committee.  He currently ekes out a Kaczynski-like existence deep in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and only communicates with the outside world through a complex network of bull frogs.