Custom/DIY artists for Miao and Mousubi
okidoki means "sometimes" in Japanese. I chose a
Japanese word because I love Japan.
I love everything from the ultra modern happy face of Shibuya to the serious magic silence of Kyoto. I chose "sometimes," because everyone waits for moments that change one's destiny. By simple chance or meeting a new person, tokidoki is the hope, the hidden energy everyone has inside that gives us the strength to face a new day and dream something positive, that something magical will happen to us.

Hello, my name is Simone Legno; I am an artist from Rome, Italy.

tokidoki started as a personal website a few years ago, my diary, a portfolio of sorts, and a place in which to display my art and soul.

Since launching tokidoki I have been touched by the kindness of thousands who have expressed their love for my unique interpretation of the world. In early 2003 I received a very tokidoki email. The co-founder of Hard Candy Cosmetics, Pooneh Mohajer and her husband had seen my website and fallen in love with it. They wanted to meet with me in Los Angeles immediately. They sent me a plane ticket and only hours after I landed in LA they made me an amazing offer: move from Rome to Los Angeles and build tokidoki into a brand to share with the world. They believed that everyone should experience the cute and playful yet sexy and sophisticated world that is tokidoki. Now I'm in Los Angeles living my dream of making the world more colorful and positive through tokidoki.

For 2007, the tokidoki line consists of sportswear, watches, jewelry, accessories, vinyl toys and handbags. tokidoki is honored to have collaborated with brands like LeSportsac, Smashbox cosmetics, Fornarina, and New Era Hats. In 2008 tokidoki will release 2 highly anticipated projects, tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger and tokidoki for Hello Kitty.

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