Custom/DIY artists for Miao and Mousubi

s UrbanMedium a one man outfit? A team of designers? Perhaps a corporate giant masquerading in an attempt to infiltrate the minds of urban youth? None of the above…UrbanMedium is a husband and wife design duo (Derek and Heather) with a knack for creating sweet eye candy. Born out of a daydream back in 2000 and fueled by the frustration of the 9 to 5 grind, UrbanMedium creates the kind of art they want to hang on their walls, wear on their bodies, and plaster on their environments…and you’ll want to as well.


Derek and Heather got their start in Los Angeles and now reside in the heart of the ‘dirty south’, Atlanta. Their work has appeared on the walls of art galleries worldwide, as well as feature films, music videos, books, and countless magazines.